Role playing: a break from the routine

It is good to be in a long-term relationship. That means there is always someone there for you when you need a hug or need someone to talk to. But there is a drawback to living with someone and sleeping with that person every day: it can become a routine.

Even the most passionate couples start to lose that passion after a while. Over time, things inevitably change, you may have kids and other responsibilities that you didn’t have when you first met. Wanting to spice up you sex life, you may try different positions, different places, but those, too, can get boring, and sex can become a frustrating activity, instead of a pleasurable one. So, why not be creative and try a little bit of role playing?

Taking on the role of someone else may be a great way to break a dull routine, but also to overcome sexual inhibitions, and to explore sexual situations that you wouldn’t go into otherwise. It can be a great way to intensify sexual pleasure because you feel like you’re seducing your partner all over again, you go back to the time when everything between the two of you was tempting and you were willing to tease each other all the time.

By pretending to be someone else, you can free yourself from your own limitations, and you can perform acts that you normally wouldn’t, since it wouldn’t be really you performing those acts, but the character that you’re representing, and the acts themselves wouldn’t be necessarily taken too seriously. For example, you might decide to let your partner flirt with a stranger or you can both take your clothes off in public.

Through role play, you can also fulfill secret sexual fantasies, old or new, such as imagining yourself with one of your high school teachers. It is also a way to safely explore the possibilities of your sexual desire and creativity while keeping intimate exclusivity with your partner. This eliminates the risks associated with extramarital sexual relations.

There are no restrictions as to what roles you can play out. Almost anything situation can be used as the base for an erotic experience. It may be simple or elaborate, you may wear costumes and use props, and may also involve one partner being dominant and the other submissive. It’s not necessary to go too far. You and your partner should always set yourselves limits, and you don’t want to end up doing something dangerous. The idea is to get into the role and go where you wouldn’t go when you and your partner are being yourselves, to break out from regular sex life and add a little excitement into it.

Role playing is best performed when you and your partner understand each other and know what you want. When you know what turns you on and what turns them on. The sex feels exciting again because there is anticipation to it, you know what you’re doing will in end up in sex, so the whole time you’re thinking about it and about how much pleasure you and your partner are going to give each other.

However, it does require patience and practice. At first you or your partner might not feel very comfortable, but as long as both are clear on what you’re doing and in agreement as to how far you want to go, it might be worth giving it a try. There are no real disadvantages to trying to revive a sexual relationship and wanting to add some flame into it, so long as it is done safely and both partners are on the same page.

How you can try role playing

As mentioned before, almost any situation can be turned into an erotic one during role playing, and for some, the kinkier, the better. Forbidden may situations provide a little bit of extra thrill. Many common roleplay situations involve a difference of power between the two partners, for example one will be the boss or the teacher, and the other one will be the employee or the student. In these situations, one of the two partners will always have a more dominant role than the other.

But how do you do it? If you’ve decided to try it, you probably don’t know where to start or what to do. After all, you don’t say “let’s do some role playing” and it simply happens. You should start with something simple, and then, if you want, move onto the heavier stuff.

Here are some ways in which you can try role playing with your partner:

Pretend you’re meeting for the first time: You can meet at a bar and act as if you were two complete strangers. Invent yourself a background, try a foreign accent, and go through meeting each other for the first time.

Book a hotel room: Having sex in a hotel might be interesting because it takes you away from your everyday life, son you can feel more open, more adventurous.

Play professor and student: This is great if you’ve had a crush on a teacher in high school or college. It also works if you’re a teacher and have had a crush on one of your students. Whoever plays the teacher takes control of the situation, directing and guiding the student on what position to get into and where to put their hands.

Stripper: A strip tease can be quite the turn-on if it’s performed by the right person. Even if your partner has never done one or even if they don’t know really how to dance. All they need to do is go for it.

Fireman or policeman: This one’s a classic. You can fake a scenario where you rescue your partner from a fire, or an emergency situation in which one of you calls for help from a police officer and the other partner shows up as the officer who’s taking the call.

Massage therapist: There is so much more to sex than just an orgasm. All the senses must be used to enjoy it fully. The touch of your partner is as pleasurable to them as theirs is to you. Take advantage of that by giving each other massages. The rest will come smoothly.